Andes and Amazon Field School Summer and Spring Break Study Abroad programs are held through "Pitt in Ecuador" and are open to all students from any university. 

You will have open-air, screened-in dorms and classrooms with modern day conveniences right along the Napo River. Three meals a day will be prepared for you by local community members. The program has a summer-camp atmosphere with excursions into the forest and time spent around the fire at night.


Pitt in Ecuador Spring Break combines 2 groups: 

1. International Marketing 1 cr. (March 7-14)   Apply

BUSMKT 1511: Marketing 'Made in Ecuador' to the World

2. Tropical Ecology  (1 cr.)  (March 7-14)    Apply

BIOSC 0825: Ecology of the Napo Valley (1 credit)

The two groups share the same itinerary.

Cost:  $1,799 in-state/$1,999 out-of-state

Application Deadline: Novermber 5th