FLAS Indigenous Language Courses  June 13-July 23, 2022
Sponsored by
University of Wisconsin at Madison

Brigham Young University

University of Florida

Florida International University
University of Pittsburgh

Ecuadorian Kichwa, Achuar, and Wao Tedero Language Courses

Program Overview:  Amazonian Kichwa is taught by Professors Tod D. Swanson, (Arizona State University), Janis B. Nuckolls (Brigham Young University), Armando Muyulema, (University of Wisconsin at Madison) and Nely Shiguango.  The class frequently goes into the forest with traditional elders.  Origin stories and songs to species are recorded and translated in class. As ability in Kichwa improves students formulate their own research questions in Kichwa. While studying the languages students receive a grounding in the Amazonian social relation to nature and cultural thinking about the environment from top experts in the field. The Achuar and Waorani programs are  by native speaker instructors under the supervision of Tod Swanson.  Students make lasting contacts with native communities for future dissertation work. Life changing for many.  208 FLAS Fellows from 40 Universities have attended since 2000.

Each program offers 140 contact hours spread over 6 weeks. Students are evaluated upon entry and again upon completion of the course using the IRIS testing instruments provided by the USDE.  All students receive grades for courses. 

Applicants for FLAS Fellowships must be citizens or residents of the United States and enrolled in a graduate program (MA or PhD) of their choice.  Students from FLAS Granting Universities should apply for FLAS Fellowships through their home universities. Students who are enrolled in non-FLAS granting institutions may apply through Florida International University  or the University of Wisconsin at Madison.   To apply:  Please email or call Tod Swanson at tod.dillon.swanson@gmail.com; Phone 480 276-5913.   We plan to hold the program in country.  All participants must be vaccinated. If conditions change and the FLAS granting universities should prohibit travel, the program will be held virtually. as in the previous two summers.

Perhaps the best resource we have are our graduate students who are the emerging leaders in the field of Amazonian Studies.   Key to the life of Iyarina are the life long friendships graduate students form with each other, faculty, and with the native storytellers and artists who are in residence at the field school throughout the summer.  

FLAS Granting Centers for Latin American Studies 2019-2023

       Brigham Young University  November 15, 2022
       Columbia University New York University 
       Florida International University  January 1, 2022
       Indiana University 
       Stanford University  February 10, 2022
       The Ohio State University       Deadline: February 1, 2021
       Tulane University     Deadline: February 1, 2022
       University of Arizona   February 2022
       University of California, Berkeley  Deadline: Wednesday, January 31, 2022.
       University of Florida     Application deadline:  March 12, 2022

       University of Georgia   Deadline: February 25
       University of Kansas A0021 B0021
       University of Michigan   January 15, 2022
       University of North Carolina  Deadline February 4, 2022
       University of Texas  Deadline:  February 1, 2022
       University of Utah    January 28, 2022

       University of Wisconsin at Madison   Deadline: February 14, 2022

       University of Wisconsin Milwaukee   Deadline: March 15, 2022
       Vanderbilt University  Deadline: February 3