Are you a faculty member interested in joining us for a visit, sabbatical, or study abroad? 


Whether you are an Assistant or Full Professor we are looking for new collaborators. It is part of our mission to make teaching and research in the Ecuadorian Amazon easy and safe for faculty with families, including small children, or faculty who are older and less physically agile. 

Want to bring a class?  Bringing a study abroad class can be a good way to have your travel paid to Ecuador and to receive summer income year after year.  It does not have to be much work for you.

We will:

  • work with your Study Abroad office to fill out program applications and recruit students.

  • make all in country arrangements from airport pickup to departure.  

  • provide high quality educational activities for your students

  • guest speakers tailored to your classes to limit the work you have to do.

  • include it all in an affordable package paid by students. 


We welcome visiting scholars or sabbatical researchers. We can help to make contacts with indigenous communities, maintain ongoing projects or provide transcription of interviews  in indigenous languages.