Eulodia Dagua, “Red Mushroom Woman Feeds a Child”


There was a child in a house whose mother had gone away and left him. 

So she had left him (there).  In the late afternoon the mother came back and cooked for the child.  But when she showed him the food he didn't want any.  "None for me Mom!" he said. "Grandma came to give me a packet of mushrooms." Every time she would leave him, (the child) would say, “Mom, grandma came to give me a packet of mushrooms.”  And then the child would not want (anything else to eat).  So since the child did not want (any food she wondered) what was going on with the child. Every time I leave her she says, "We ate mushrooms with grandma.”  So when she would say this (the mother) would wonder, "Why does this child say this to me?  So one day she when she was going out to the garden his mother hid in the forest to see what would come.  (It happened like this):  The child's father had gone out to walk in the forest (to hunt).  And when he had left she told the child to stay in the house because she was going to the garden. (But instead) she hid to watch.  Then, as she was watching, a person (appeared).  They say it was a little short person.  And what an itchy scratchy person it was!

She was scratching benind, here, and all over. And as she scratched she brought a little package and gave it to the child. As she gave it to the child she opened it and placed it on a tree stump seat.  But as she sat the child on top of the (openned mushroom) packet his mother came in liing! Then as she looked clearly (the old itchy woman) began going backwards and backwards as though she were scratching something, as though she were ashamed.  Then going backwards they say she went behind a tree.And when she went behind (the tree) she disappeared. It was because she gave him that packet that he used to say a grandmother gave me a packet to eat.It is for that reason that they call these forest spirit mushrooms.   Because it is like her skin.  "It is like her skin?"  "Yes!"  All red like that?”  That is it!  Red! red! red! She was itchy.  It was that mushroom that she came to give the child to eat.  She was itchy.   It was because she gave those (mushrooms) to the child to eat that he became itchy too. 

Kichwa text:  “Sacha ala supay shu wawara karan.”


Shuk wawaga wasiy tiaj ashka.  Chiga wasiy tiajpiga, mamaga wasiy sakisha rij ashka shu wawata.  Chiga sakishka rishka.  Chi wawaga mamaga chishiy shamusha yanusha rikuchijpi mana munashka.  "Ñukataga mana mama. Apamamami karawaj shamun ala maytuta," nishashka.  Ña karan sakishkayshi,  "Mama ñukataga apamamami karawaj shamun ala maytuta," nij ashka.  Chiga chi wawaga mana munaj aj ashkay.  Chiga mana munajpiga imawatan kay wawaga.  Karan ñuka sakishkaywi kasna nin ala mikunchi apamamawan nij ashkay.  Chasna nipiga imawata kay wawaga kasna rimawan nisha nij ashka payga.  Chasna nishaga shu punzha chagrama riuka.   Sachamanda mitukusha rikusha tiashkay imashi shamunga nisha pay mamaga.  Pay yaya puringak rij ashka.  Chiga puringak rishkayga payga,  "Chagrama riuni ñisha wasiy tiawngui nisha sakika chasna mikusha rikuushka.  Chiga chasnayga rikujpiga, shuk runaga allapallalla runawa shara, chiga ima shijshi aspirij runa shara.

Pero ña washama, kayma, ña tukuyma aspira!  Aspirisha chi maytuwawata apamura.  Maytuwata apamushaga chi wawata karashka.  Chi wawata karasha, pay karasha niushkaybi paskasha, pay churasha kasna pulluy pay tiachishkayga, chi wawaga chi maytuwa away tiarisha raushkayga mamaga llin shamushka.  Chiga payta alli rikuka shijshita aspirij shina pingarijshina.  Shijshita aspirij shina pingarijshina washama, washama, washama rijka yura washayshi rira.  Chi washay rika chimanda illara.  Shina.  Chiga chasna chiga chi maytuta payga karajpiga wawaga chasna nij ashka apamamami maytuta karawan nij ashka.  Chiwaraygumi kaytaga shacha supay ala niganaun.  Pay kara shina chiga.  Pay kara shina?  A Aw. Chi puka, puka, puka.  Eso!  Puka puka.  Payga ña shijshij aj ashkay chasna shijshij.  A aw.  Chiga chi alata chi wawataga pay karaj shamuj aj ashkay.  Payga ña aspiriu aj ashka ya ña.  Chiga kayta wawata karajpiga chi wawa chasnallata aspirij tukuj ashka ya.

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