Undergraduate Programs       Pitt in Ecuador Application Deadline for summer programs TBD.

PROGRAM OVERVIEW:    The Andes and Amazon Field School hosts Pitt in Ecuador undergraduate programs during Spring Break as well as June and July Summer Sessions.    Each program is open to students from any university.  No matter which session you choose the Andes and Amazon Field School will immerse you in the culture and environment of the Amazon for a adventure you won’t forget.  Credits transfer back to your home university.


Outcomes:  The goal is to give you skills for working with indigenous communities or in cross-cultural settings whether in NGOs, academia, business, or government. 


Delicia and Eulodia at the base of a tree_
Delicia and Eulodia at the base of a tree_



Delicia and Eulodia at the base of a tree_
Delicia and Eulodia at the base of a tree_


Spring Break

Spring Break

Application deadline November 5


Pitt in Ecuador Spring Break combines 2 groups: 


1. International Marketing 1 cr. (March 7-14, 2020)   Apply

BUSMKT 1511: Marketing 'Made in Ecuador' to the World


2. Tropical Ecology  (1 cr.)  (March 7-14, 2020)    Apply

BIOSC 0825: Ecology of the Napo Valley (1 credit)

The two groups share the same itinerary.


Cost:  $1,799 in-state/$1,999 out-of-state



Transcultural Nursing

Pitt +3 Business


(May 31- June 27, 2020) 

Pitt in Ecuador June Session 6 credits

ANTH 1713: Health and Nutrition of the Kichwa People


ANTH 1548 Amazonian Arts: Making and Meaning


Cost: In-State; $5,100; Out-of-State: $5,300.  Apply



Pitt in Ecuador July Session (June 27-July-25, 2020) 



BIOSC 1220 Tropical Forest Ecology  3 credits



ANTH: Amazonian Religion and Nature

Cost: In-State: $5,100; Out-of-State: $5,300.  Apply