Virola     Familia: Myristicaceae

Virola Multicostata #83

Virola Multinervia

Virola elongata #72

Virola pavonis

Virola elongata

Virola Surinamense #745

Virola Peruviana #764

Myristicaceae Virola theidora   #41

Myristicaceae is an interesting family for studying indigenous nomenclatures.  It is a common family with a great deal of variation, associated with disturbance but not intensely used by humans.  Thus they are trees with which people should be very familiar but which are not of primary importance to their lives.  The fruits are widely distributed by toucans and other birds or animals.  Furthermore, in at least one language, Amazonian Kichwa, the most common genus, virola (and maybe all Myristicaceae) are identified as a single category "wapa."   In Wao Tededo Eyepewe was the name given for  27/  trees.  Of these 20 were Myristicaceae 17 of which were Otoba parviflora and 3 were used to name 3 different species of Virola.  Thus we might say that the name refers to  Otoba.   However out of 41 Otoba individuals only 18 were identified by Wao Tededo speakers as eyepewe.   14 out of 41 times Otoba parviflora was identified as some variant of tigidewe.

Virola Flexuosa

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